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dani (pyglet)

Congratulations for the diary inclusions!
Commiserations for the make-up!
(that fairy obviously has a very uneven skin tone)


Soooo sorry about the makeup! Total empathy as a woman in the same shoes. Hoping to have less of a makeup/bribery budget next year with Georgia off to school.


Kirsty I Loooove those bags, I have a real thing for pvc bags, are you going to sell them online? sorry about your make-up :( the photos are adorable though :)
no rules about the tag thingy as far as I know, I wanted to tag more people too, one being Dani! I think it's a great way to get to know each other a little.


ps great work to be in the diary!


Great bags - had to laugh at your comment about bottomless pants sewing! I do understand about the makeup having experienced the same with my clinique stuff and my daughter. I think she and your son share a very creative side - he's got a nice design going on there! Those dimples must make it very hard to ever get cross with him.


Congratulations on the diary!


I'm not a sewer, but i'd suggest paper over the PVC while sewing - it pulls off afterward, and stops sticking !

I have no idea if this idea is naff, but it would be what i'd do ;)

Good Luck !


Please do another post - can't wait to hear how you went at the fair!

Melly and Rosie

thanks for the comments on our blog. The fair sounds great. lots of wine i hope! congratulations on getting 3 projects in the homespun diary! wow! they are loving your stuff!

Tiel S-K

sorry to see your makeup disaster. We recently had a 'cutting the bed sheets' disaster by my 4 year old. When asked to explain what happened, he said 'the wind blew through the window and ripped them.' I had to leave the room before he saw me laugh.
Enjoy your blog, I'll come back.

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