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wow ! Yay you !

That's some impressive hunting and gathering you did done did ;)

Will be waiting with bated breath for more !


That's so cool! And I wish I lived in Adelaide. I love your paintings, too. Wait till I start working again...I'm getting the hankering for paintings that aren't mine. :-)


That is cool! And I'm soooooo glad I do live in Adelaide! (Actually I'm glad often.) I'm making a note to attend the exhibition!


Love your paintings Kirsty - would beat a landscape any day.....


You sure are a busy girl. Nice paintings too. And the project sounds soooo interesting. Thanks for so many inspiring links.


wow indeed. can't wait to see everyone's. am loving going through the link list too.

Annabella Moonthreads

Hey Kirsty, the book sound fabulous! I want one - so let me know how to get hold of one when it is available please.
Love your paintings - wish I could do stuff like that.


Can't wait to see some finished pieces... how exciting for you! Congratulations and good luck!


This all sounds so intriguing I can't wait to see how they turn out!

Miss Dot

what a great group you have gathered! I can't wait to see what you come up with.


Hi there, just found your blog.
If you are ever going to do this mixed nuts thing again, I'd love to be included!

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