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Yah - you've done a post! Apple tree definitely looks like one now and the elephant and balloon is very cute.
Poor B - how could she be involved in any incident - butter wouldn't melt in her mouth and that photo proves it. Wish her a happy birthday from us.


Hi Kirsty! I LOVE your painting style! So glad I got to meet you... Thank you for helping to make my time in Australia so special.
Can't wait to see more of your paintings!

Diana O'Cobhthaigh

Hi Kirsty, I'm loving how your metalsmithing bits turned out ... you have such vision. The apple tree looks fabulous with some red and green and it's amazing what a bit of colour adds to the elephant and the balloon. I feel privileged to have sat next to you in 2 of the workshops, your encouragement really got me through the face painting class - thank you (maybe that's why you won the lucky door prize!!). I love how quickly you got your other painting out too, it's fabulous. Can't wait to see the book you made in Stephanie's class.


What a gorgeous pic of your girl... and the elephant, never thought of doing more three d style things in the bezels.

Yeah, still coming down from Melbourne and loving all of the metal adventures.

I am also making some dolls like your header... funny that.


Love what you've done Kirsty ... I'm impressed! Nice meeting you too - though only briefly (bummer!). My first Retreat also but I'm back again next year being a 'soldier ant' to Bev again ... lol. It was a fabulous experience/time - even if I didn't manage to complete a class. Hope to see you back next year and get the opportunity to talk you 'proper' then.



Kirsty I love the pieces you made at the retreat. Your bezels look fantastic, very quirky and individual which I love!
Love the two pieces you made in DJ's class, especially how you adapted some of the techniques into your swimmer girl canvas.
Thanks so much for help in the face class too when mine was becoming a bit "muddy". Really appreciated your help.

Look forward to catching up with you and Christina again next year.


Elizabeth Harms


I love what you have created with the tree and the painting are awesome, definatley a sytle that belongs to you and it is great. Nice to meet you at the retreat, so sorry we didn't get to chat much.


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