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all your work is so fantastic Kirsty I just love it, glad it all went well


I *loooooooooooove* the two wee creatures in the boat with bunting, love, love, love !!

Everything looks so fabulous !


I'm very happy all went great! Good job!


glad to hear that things went well.....congrats!

Graça paz

Looks fantastic that exihibition and your art is awesome!Graça Paz


Your stuff is really great! So glad it went well for you.


Hello!!!!!!! anyone home???? How are you Kirsty? you have dropped off the radar. Hope all is well take care Linda


Come on - keep up with the rest of us!!!! Haven't you done ANYTHING in the last 3 months??????


Hello Kirsty...I am popping in to say how wonderful your work is a pleasure to read your blog...& stare into it!!
many many thanks...
Kirsty...I took a peek at 'greenbeanbaby'...I was unable to send a post....the blog site would not accept me!!!
Could you please pass on to the lovely Jules my accolades ...for such an enjoyable read & looksee....thanking you

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